Welcome to Ladebots



Ladebots offer selfbots and bots. Selfbots will be linked to your personal line profile, bots will be linked to a new line profile and we will make a delivery room for you and the bot(s) so you can easily contact staff if you need help.

Who we are:
Ladebots is a team of people that are dedicated to providing you with great quality service while you use our products. We are always here to help and we all have the same goal. To keep our customers satisfied.

Once you have made your purchase with Ladebots please message all team members a screen shot of purchase. You can find the team members profiles in the “Posts” section on the website under “Team”.
Customer suggestions:
If you have any suggestions for commands or things for www.ladebots.com please contact one of our staff members and we will do our best to make your wish come true.

If you are looking for Naver Line Bots that come at a great price with good quality customer and bot support then Ladebots are the right choice for you.