Owner Commands Documentation Update

Owner Commands List 137. reboot138. clone: #139. clonepic @140. clone @141. clonecover @142. leavemsg143. backupb @144. bot @145. mod @146. staff @147. admin @148. remove149. removeallbackups150. unbanall151. removeallbots152. removeallmods153. removeallstaffs154. removealladmins155. removet @156. changeresp157. changesquad158. autojoin159. autojoinall160. antitag161. antitagmsg162. autoread163. autodeny164. autodeny1165. groupinvites166. denyallgroupinvites167. accpallgroupinvites168. groupinvitesdeny 169. groupinvitesaccp 170. antihostage171. addmsg172. addmsg text173. autorespond174. autorespond: …

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Admin Documentation Update

Groupleave  groupleave ?  leaves group useage: rname leavegroup number Autoreadchat:on autoreadchat:on auto reads chat useage: rname autoreadchat:On Banlist Groupmembers groupmembers ? useage: rname groupmembers number Tagall tagall useage: rname tagall Lurk lurk useage rname Lurk Lurk:Point  lurk:point useage: rname lurk:point Lurk:off Lurk:off useage: rname lurk:off Cmid  cmid useage: rname cmid then send contact Invite Bots/Staff …

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Mod Commands Documenation

Mod Commands This is the Mod Commands Mod Commands List 1. me2. getgrouppic3. upsidedown4. reverse5. cstop6. groupraffle ‘amount of winners’7. randomnumber ‘max number’8. stafflist9. resp10. joke11. gif12. wiki13. define14. ding15. myrank16. uptime17. music18. gcreate19. stickerlist20. sendsticker21. whereis @22. whereis23. translatelangs24. translate ‘lang num’ text25. detectlang text ☢️[staff commands]☢️26. getinfo @27. contact @28. contact: #29. pic …

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Hello Everyone 🙂 I’m KHII, Anyways Enough Intro. A New Command Has been Fixed!! LoadImg What is it?  Well Its Custom  Image Commands! How do I use it Botname LoadImg (Trigger) Then You Just turn on custom Pics/Commands And Say The Trigger 🙂 Thanks Lade!