25Days of Lade Recap

Hi guys! So let’s do this quick recap.   New Commands Rname disable lurk that blocks lurk from working in rooms.   To enable it again use rname enable lurk.   Rank @/Crank. You know the drill   lurkmessage lurkdector   helplist   rname custumhelp realcmd && newname   rname removecustumhelp That’s it for today …

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The Countdown To the Christmas Update Day 1

Hello Everyone KH Here yet again this time with a New Update! Lade will be adding 1-3 commands per day this entire Month!! Today’s Update Contains The Fallowing: Autorespond updatedGroupstatus:on/off addedCustumsimgall added So Let’s Dig In. Autorespond has been revamped to see who PM’d you and how many messages they sent AutoRespond Groupstatus:on/off This command …

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Ladebots 1.74

LadeBots V1.74 Update! Hello Everyone! I’m KHII Your Favorite DocumentationWriter for Ladebots! Without Further Ado, Let’s get to It! First off In the Last Update  Forcejoin Came to Ladebots! In simple terms this Allows you to make your bots join quicker with little effort.  To start, you will need a selfbot.  Say Ladebots Botname Then …

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