LADEBOT Owner Command Documentation by KHII [owner commands] 154. reboot  useage: rname reboot 155. clone: # Useage rname clone:mid 156. clonepic @ useage: rname clonepic @tag 157. clone 158. clonecover @ useage: rname Clonecover @tag 159. leavemsg useage: rname leavemsg text 161-164 Useage: rname command @tag 161. bot @ 162. mod @ 163. staff …

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LadeBot Admin Command Documenation

    LADEBOT ADMIN COMMAND DOCUMENTATION By KH [admin commands] 36. groupleave ?  leaves group useage: rname leavegroup number 37. autoreadchat:on auto reads chat useage: rname autoreadchat:On 38. autoreadchat:off useage: rname autoreadchat:off 39. banlist rname banlist 40. groupmembers ? useage: rname groupmembers number 42. tagall useage: rname tagall 43. lurk useage rname Lurk 44. lurk:point …

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Mod Commands By KH

  [MOD CMDS] Lade Bot Official  Command Documentation Mod Commands Me Sends your Uid And Contact: Usage Rname Me Getgrouppic Useage: Rname getgrouppic sends you the group picture. Cstop stops contact commands  useage: rname cstop Groupraffle does a group raffle useage: rname groupraffle number for amount of winners randomnumber Useage: Rname randomnumber Maxnumber Stafflist Useage: …

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